About Us

We are 4th generation cattle producers in South Mississippi. Tim Ishee is a graduate of Mississippi State University with a B.S. in Ag. Education and a Masters in Animal Science. Tim has been teaching the Animal Science and Livestock Judging classes at Jones Junior College since 1987. Tim has also had the opportunity to evaluate and judge cattle at the Houston International Livestock Show, TX, World Beef Expo, Madison WI, Ag-Expo Columbia South America and other venues. 

We started A.I.ing our cows to the very best performance Simmental bulls in the world in 1981. Our formula for success is a multi-trait approach of selecting cattle for:  Calving Ease + Performance + Maternals + Carcass = $$$$
Polled Black and Red Simmentals, Sim-Angus, Simbrah.

This page is designed to show potential customers both domestically and internationally the quality of our cattle. We have shipped live cattle all over the U.S. and into several international countries. We have also exported semen and embryos to Canada, Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Colombia, Dominican Republic and Romania. Our cattle are genetically designed to be efficient converters of forage to pounds of growth. They are also polled, have excellent eye pigment, correct feet and legs, calm and produce extra pounds of muscle that is high quality and will demand a carcass premium when placed on the rail. 

Our bulls are run through an on farm feed test, then scanned for carcass quality and muscle, then they must pass a breeding soundness exam. The bulls are then sold in a private treaty bid sale on the farm the last Saturday in February at 11:00 A.M. We have shipped bulls out West and to the North West, North and into Canada, to the East Coast and all over the South-East.

Mission Statement 
To produce outstanding performance Simmentals, SimAngus and Simbrahs that are easy calving, muscular with great maternal ability and that possess outstanding carcass characteristics that will make our customers money!

Calving Ease + Performance + Maternals + Carcass = $$$$

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