Working Australian Shepherds

History: We got our first Australian Shepherd in 1976. I was a school kid then, and my Dad knew I wanted a working dog for our cattle and sheep. He found a man who had a litter of Australian’s and I went to see them. It took me a long time to pick out a pup and I finally did so. Upon bringing the pup home, my mom said “ You paid how much for that dog?” I name the dog “Queenie “ ( see her down the page ) and it wasn’t long before I had a very special dog. Training her was so easy and she we very smart. At maturity she knew 21 voice commands and would work cattle and sheep. Talking to Queenie, was like talking to a child. 

People came from all over the country to buy pups from Queenie and to watch her work. 

Since that time, we have only bred Working Australian Shepherds. We have never bred the dogs for color or any other thing than to work cattle, to guard our property and to be our companions!

We now have 2 working females, “Kate” and “Queen”, and our newest Sire “JJ “. JJ is named after one of the best working males that we ever owned who was our main man, for 14 great years. 

We sell our pups for $500-$600 each and guarantee them to want to work. You just have to be smart enough to train them!!!!

Pics from newest Dogs KLANK x LIL all sold, super high quality working dogs


Past Litters

Calving Ease + Performance + Maternals + Carcass = $$$$

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